With Roadways Failing at an Alarming Rate, the Time to Adopt a Standardized, Objective and Cost-Effective Solution is Now!

It All Comes Down to This Simple Phrase:


After all, that's what the professionals at Pavement Management Group believe is the true definition of pavement management, and our data-driven pavement management blueprint can help get you on the fast track to maximizing your annual budget, saving tax payer dollars, and improving the conditions of your local roadways.

Sounds expensive and time consuming, right?

What if I told you you could have a standardized pavement management program tailored to your specific needs at an average cost of just 3-5% of your current annual budget and within 90 days?

The PMG Difference


Who We Are

The Pavement Management Group (PMG) is a professional consulting firm providing standardized, supported and cost-effective pavement management services and solutions to the public and private sectors. Learn how our solutions are helping public works departments throughout the United States improve their roadway maintenance processes and overall conditions through our "Pavement Management Blueprint"​.

The Difference

100% of our daily business operations are directly tied to the areas of pavement management systems, pavement management services, pavement management consulting, and pavement management support. Our experienced team works with several agencies each year to provide a standardized, turn-key, managed and supported pavement management solution tailored to their specific agency.

By The Numbers

At PMG, pavement management is not just another side project or side hustle as is the case with a lot of your typical engineering firms.  We have been providing services to clients throughout the Nation since 2011, actively performing over 250,000 distress based condition assessments on over 30,000 miles of local municipality roadways over that 8 year period.

Added Value

Our strategic partnership with CPWG Engineering completes the PMG difference by adding pavement engineering, roadway design, maintenance and rehabilitation planning, traffic study and CIP planning to create a complete suite of services to our clients!

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About PMG!

"PMG is a rare find in the pavement management world. They combines technical knowledge, expertise in network optimization and most importantly the desire and ability to educate their customers on how best to cost effectively manage their road networks. I encourage you to contact PMG and discuss with them how best to manage your taxpayer’s largest investment."

Rex Eberly

PMG provided an accurate inventory and assessment of the City of Hilliard's street network. Both deliverables helped us take a data-driven approach to planning the maintenance and rehabilitation of our pavements. The result is better pavement management, greater public value, and a higher quality of life. The 1080p video of each street section was a bonus. James and his team are committed to helping local governments improve their pavement infrastructure.

Lary Lester Jr.

PMG completed a 6 year pavement management plan for the City of Kissimmee in 2012. We recently hired them to train our in house personnel to ensure the program runs successfully. PMG will also be updating the plan annually with a 3 year cycle for actual pavement analysis. I would recommend PMG for your pavement planning needs.

Dave Derrick

We are a large military installation that had no condition assessment of our roads. PMG provided us a useful database of our current road conditions that we could build on each year. He was able to conduct a visual assessment of our roadways and build a database in a short period. The PCI ratings enabled us to become a proactive organization, instead of reactive, with the ability to forecast short and long-range maintenance on our road network. I was able to logically program road maintenance and forecast budgets that not only saved us money but also increased the life span of our roads. PMG was easy to work with and provided a valuable service that is reasonably priced. I would recommend PMG services if you are serious about saving money and providing drivable roadways for your community. 

Lary Mickel

I have known about PMG for several years through the pavement preservation industry and I have found their service to be invaluable to agencies looking to improve their infrastructure. When our company goes in to a customer to help spec pavement preservation applications there is no data I trust more than the Pavement Management Group.

Zachary Helm

I have known James now for over a year and have worked with him on a number of pavement management programs. He is one of the most committed individuals I have ever found to his line of work. I consistently tell people that he is the leading expert in pavement preservation and management and I believe that to this day. James brings his expertise, his talent, but most importantly, his heart and soul, to everything he does for his clients. Any organization would be well suited to utilize his services.

Chas Jordan

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